The ‘Diva Train Approach’

Diva Training

The Diva Train approach to training is based around exercising because it makes us FEEL good as opposed to just looking good. Our focus is on feeling fit, feeling strong, feeling healthy and feeling powerful in mind, body and soul. Our programs are catered to meet each individual clients needs, 1 on 1 and in-group settings and we treat our client’s goals as if they were our own. Your needs are our needs. Your goals are our goals.

Coaching & mentoring

Warning: Here at Diva Train we believe you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and we will have you believing that too. With coaching, you will your face your fears, set goals, step far outside of your comfort zone and work on falling madly in love with yourself. Side effects may include: vast amounts of personal growth, gain in confidence, feeling invincible, inner peace and both mental and physical strength.


There is no doubt that the relationship every person, especially women, has with food is a product of the relationship we have with our bodies. If we genuinely love and respect our bodies, we would be far more selective about how we are fuelling it. You know the old phrase, ‘you are what you eat’…. Well there is much truth in that. The science behind this is, is our bodies and minds operate based on what we feed it (pun intended), so let’s give it what it deserves in order for it to live its absolute best life.


Diva Train is a wellness brand that empowers women into feeling fit, strong and healthy in mind, body and soul. The effect our minds have on our bodies is at the core of what we do. Calm mind – calm body; Strong mind – strong body. We believe our daily happiness starts with understanding the power of the present moment and realising that right now is all we ever have. The art of living mindfully and being present is essential to finding YOUR version of a happy and a fulfilling life.