Today was the day I shopped in your store

Starting with a browse of the entire shop floor


So many things catching my eye

All of which I’d like to buy


First things first, time to try things on

To my surprise, most of my sizes were gone


Usually a 12, tall with boobs and a bum

Depending on the store sometimes, 10 or a 14 in some


But today was different, today was strange

Has my body really been through such a big change?


Size 12 looked tiny so I picked up 14’s

I couldn’t even do them up, is it my gym routine?


Staring into the mirror, I stood dazed and confused

Am I bigger than I think? I am seriously not amused


Should I hand the clothes back and walk out upset?

Or dare I try the size 16 out yet?


Grace, drop your pride no one can see the label

But I’m just not sure if I’m willing and able


Screw it, I like the clothes I’m gonna try a size up

The perfect fit, I never thought as much


Dear H & M…


Thank you for allowing me to send this message

To help other women shop with courage


If I am what you consider a size 16

Then I’m proud to say it coz I feel sexy and lean


Whether your size chart is off or this really is me,

I’m at peace with both because I’m as happy as can be


So here’s a message to each and every lady

Don’t let numbers define you daily


Labels, scales, calories and weight

There’s more to life than what you just ate


Lets celebrate our bodies for all that we are

Every line, every curve, every bump, every scar


Dress for you and dress with pride

No more focusing on the size guide.