“Remember that time we stayed in, had one glass of wine and ate a leaf? Best. Night. Ever!” – Said No. One. Ever.

I am a walking contradiction and I am totally ok with that. I have no concept of doing things by half. I guess you could say it’s an all or nothing mentality. I don’t keep any kind of naughty food at home because if I do, I will eat it. All of it. In one go. As a kid my mum used to tell me that if I kept eating the way that I did I would start growing outwards instead of upwards. She was right. I just didn’t understand how if you knew the cookies were in the cupboard, how just HOW could you not eat them?

Growing up I was very fortunate to have had two Mummy’s. My Step Mum had a rule for my little sisters called the four square rule. It was that they were allowed 4 squares of cadburys dairy milk chocolate per day, usually after dinner. If they wanted chocolate at other points in the day they were generally allowed but had to eat a piece of fruit before hand which surprise surprise they didn’t always fancy the chocolate after that. Another great trick both my Mummys taught me was to have vegetables with every single meal. No matter if I’m cooking or eating out, my sisters and I will always have some form of vegetable on the table.

I’m a massive advocate of healthy living. I’m also a massive advocate of wine. I think eating healthy is extremely important and genuinely makes you feel great. I also think nothing beats a random night out with friends that makes you laugh for weeks after it happened. Being in a relationship/in love is an incredible thing and one of the most beautiful things we experience as humans. But nothing is as liberating as feeling fully single and independent. Monday to Friday it’s important to hydrate and drink as much water as possible. On the weekends beer is my friend. The majority of my life revolves around trying to eat as little as possible which is never going to happen because I am a MASSIVE foodie. Sometimes… Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Sometimes EVERYTHING tastes as good as skinny feels. I have defined triceps and some days I have love handles. Ok last one… Even when I was 10 years old I tried to be a girl by wearing a leopard print leather skirt but paired it with a massive over sized gap athletic boys t-shirt because secretly I wanted to be just like my brother. I was the only girl on the boys football team. Enough said.

My point here is that it is all about balance, which is something I am still trying to perfect. When someone asks me if I would like another glass of wine the answer will always and forever be yes. And that’s ok because Monday-Friday I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of Veg. For years I thought I would never have the self-control to be exactly who I wanted to be. To not go for 2nds or drink the entire bottle of wine. But what I have come to realize in the last little while is I am exactly who I want to be. I promote a lifestyle not this idea of ‘perfection’ that we have for ourselves. Over the last couple of months I’ve realized that instead of constantly trying to reach a destination of ‘looking better,’ the key to feeling the happiest you can is realizing that you’ve reached your destination. Right here, right now is who you are meant to be even if its part of a journey or a bigger picture in someway. I love the part of me that keeps me healthy but I also love the part of me that keeps me spontaneous and adventurous. I’m a fitness fanatic party girl…

For the first time in 10 years I feel like I have the amount of self-control I desire. I keep myself healthy when I can but I also enjoy (what I consider) the good things in life. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. So what… you ate a pizza on the weekend? So did I. Go to the gym on Monday and forget about the pizza because I assure you its long gone. You got too drunk on Friday night which made you want to eat the entire world on Saturday? So what, I ate my body weight in bacon on Saturday. Have a healthy Sunday or Monday and laugh about the ridiculousness of whatever happened on the night of. For years I used to beat myself up over making ‘bad choices.’ I can safely say I’m over that now.

Go to the gym and eat a salad. Go eat some pie and drink a beer. You don’t have to choose one life or the other. Be proud of who you are on a Friday and laugh at yourself on a Sunday. Every version of you deserves love.