The clue is in the title.

The difference between indulging in every thought that enters my brain vs. being able to observe my thoughts and see them like clouds in the sky that come and go, is for me, an anxious state of being vs. a calm state of being.

Like many others on this planet, I have an extremely over active mind so sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night (usually to urinate), you can guarantee I will NOT be going back to sleep. Anyone else have the same problem? LIFE #firstworldproblems

Allow me to paint the picture…

Scenario 1

Grace gets into bed without taking her make up off because she’s too lazy and fell asleep on the sofa. She can just about pick up her heavy limbs to flop into bed. It’s still really dark when her full bladder wakes her up.

“Great, super excited about this situation,” the voice in her head says.

“Ok try and go back to sleep it’s too cold to get out of bed.” Nope her bladder is too full she must empty.

“Ok… Get up and go to the bathroom but do NOT turn the light on and try and keep your body language extremely lazy in order to prevent any unnecessary awakening.” Pee is done, lights are off and she stubs her toe.

“Mother F*****!!” She gets back into bed and guess what? BUG EYE AWAKE.

“Ok no, c’mon Grace you can go back to sleep, you haven’t looked at your phone yet, it could be the wee hours of the morning… What’s that noise?”


“Fab.” Brain is on, checks phone… 3AM.

She goes into the living room and sits on social media until it’s an acceptable time to drink a coffee and go to the gym. Her gym session sucks. She looks like she’s dying and feels pretty similar too. Oh AND the over active mind tends to trigger the IBS so guess what… We ain’t shittin today! #IBSlife

Grace = bloated, pale, anxious, exhausted and an emotional head case (most definitely her favorite state of being)

Scenario 2

Grace pro-actively covers herself in Skinny Tan (best fake tan ever) and gets into bed. She does a mindful meditation and falls into a deep sleep. Alarm clock goes off at 6:30am. She’s only gone and slept through till her alarm! WINNING! She puts the news on in bed, gets up to make a cup of coffee and gets back into bed waking up slowly while thinking about all the things she is thankful for. She drinks her coffee while looking at her inspiration wall at the base of her bed while at the same time imagining that she is and will always be the best version of herself possible. She then goes into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

“WOH. Grace? Is that you? Have you been away? FIERCE.” (Channeling her inner Beyonce she tells herself)

She then gets dressed, makes breakfast, eats it and wait for it… POO TIME. Oh my gosh she’s a new woman and all of this before 7:30am. Who knew the power of a good nights sleep, a tanned face and a big poo would be the ideal start to my day.