Are you on the Diva Train?

Diva Train is a wellness brand that empowers Women

To feeling fit, strong & healthy - in mind, body and soul!

"As a hater of gym equipment and solo training, I first joined the Diva Train to trial out a new form of group exercise. I can proudly say that I am TOTALLY in love with the concept. The circuits are challenging and highly energising, the upbeat and motivating music is so much fun, and Grace is such an inspiring and supportive trainer. For anyone looking for a dose of girl power whilst building confidence and having an absolute blast, this class is most certainly for you!"
Vanessa De Nardi
Luxury Brand Consultant
"I first met Grace in a women's only fitness class at LSE. She was the most engaging instructor I have ever met, finding a perfect line between stretching everyone to their limit and having a great time, working out to an awesome soundtrack and walking out with a smile on their face. I then started personal sessions with Grace, she listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve and had a targeted and fun strategy on how I could achieve my goals. She took a really personal approach and built my confidence, strength and positive mindset during training. I could not recommend Grace and Diva Train enough and am proud to now call her my friend as well as my trainer."
Emily Revess
Campaign Coordinator, 50:50 Parliament
"Grace is an amazing trainer, passionate and full of joy. By combining a hard workout and a lot of fun she is able to make each class different and unique. I always feel energised after going to Diva Train. It helps me through my busy days and thats what I like most about it!"
Agnese Carella
Phd Candidate (Finance)
"If you're looking for a Personal Trainer, Grace Lindsey is your girl. She'll not only change your body, but your whole attitude towards fitness with her motivational and encouraging plans tailored to your goals. I found training with Grace made me mind strong as well as physically strong. Grace covered advice on Nutrition and life. She's extremely empowering, optimistic and wonderful! I've found a real friend in Grace and although its incredibly tough, hard work - I look forward to each week!"
Raquel Sternberg
"I've been working with Grace for four years now and during that time she has helped me reach a number of different goals. She's always been able to adapt her programmes and style for what I need - whether it's training for a marathon or just trying to get stronger and stay fit. I actively look forward to working out with her. She is realistic, understanding, fun and always makes you feel positive about your body. I leave her sessions feeling energised."
Kirsten Westlake
Mum and Entrepreneur
"I've always been a yoga lover and have never been into the gym or the HIIT session but Grace's Diva Train classes are exactly what I want to bring to my routines. It is a great combination of exercises that get my heart pumping in a totally different way to yoga. I ached after but in a really good way! I knew my body was getting a great workout. I love that it is all girls too as it really motivates you to work together but have a laugh while doing it. You don't need to wait till Friday or Saturday night to listen to your sassy tunes now, you can do it on a Monday in your sportsware but without the stress of boys or makeup! Highly recommend this class, it won't disappoint."
Alice Jones
E-Commerce Manager
"Grace is a fantastic trainer and her classes are a great way to stay fit whilst most importantly having fun. She creates a relaxed environment with an awesome soundtrack but also pushes you to achieve the best results possible. Whether I've had a tough day or am in need of a hit of fitness, I always leave her classes with a spring in my step feeling ready to take on the world!"
Daisy Batchen